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Top 12 Most Wanted Blogger Template of 2016 + Cloned.

Your blog design is the first thing that attracts first-time readers. You should optimize your webpage or blogger template for faster browsing experience. You need to do some practical things for optimizing your blogger template. You can use any of templates listed below and make your blog working better and fast.

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But note, As i have said in my "How to start a Blog" ebook, Do not let your blog design come first in your mind but a very good content. But we need a good look for our various blog and that's why I have researched for you guys to find the most wanted blogger template and you know what?, some of this template are created and used by pro bloggers, so they are all awesome and beautiful, Just choose you Pick! Here:



Spice Up Your Blog Like Blogger Template Clone 2013 Free Download. Spice Up Your Blog is another old and famous blogger tips and tricks sharing site. This site has been active since 2009. This blog has a nice blogger template with orange color everywhere which gives it elegant look.You can download Spice Up Your Blog Like Blogger Template 2013 for free.
Template Author:Spice Up Your Blog
Template CloneTrue Blogger Tricks


  • Build with SEO
  • Attractive Design
  • Superb ads
  • User attractive
  • Subscription widget
  • Left Sidebar
  • Auto read more for webmasters
  • Best for Adsense
  • 93 out of 100 in google page rank
  • Professional
  • Custom fonts


My Blogger Tricks v2.0 Blogger Template Clone
My Blogger Tricks is the top blogging resources , widgets and template sharing site for blogger hosted site. It is best site and is under 5k alexa ranking. Being hosted on blogger, this blog also provides many SEO optimization tricks too.
Template Author:MyBloggerTricks
Template CloneTrue Blogger Tricks


  • SEO Optimized
  • Elegant Menu
  • Nice fixed slide bar fixed width slidebar
  • Speed loading
  • Author box
  • Read more hack
  • Complete social
  • Responsive Template
  • back to top button


ShoutMeLoud is a popular How to Blog on internet. This blog is on WordPress and runs thesis framework. This theme was made by Harsh Agrawal in thesis framework. This template has many features and looks elegant.
Template Author:ShoutMeLoud
Template CloneStudents Crunch


  • ShoutMeLoud cloned template 
  • Facebook,Twitter,Google+ at the header 
  • Email Subscription widget at the nav bar. 
  • Complete customizable design. 
  • Custom Logo for you Brand. 
  • Adsense integration for Monetizing. 
  • SEO enabled for high traffic. 
  • Do You Like widget at the footer. 
  • Social Sharing icons below post body. 
  • Disqus Comment system for easier user interaction
  •  Author Comment HighLight. 
  • Read More hack pre-installed. 
  • SML like Recent,popular post at right sidebar. 
  • Floating Widget for Sharing aticles.


Mashable Blogger Template 2013
Mashable is one of the top tech blog of the world. This blog is updated covering several tech events, news and update in every minutes. So the template of this blog is of magazine style which allows to add many stories together. You can download Mashable Inspired Mash 2 Bloggger Template from here for free.
Template Author:Mashable
Template CloneBlogger Mint


  • New big size banner at the header with size 728×90
  • Latest post in big size (Inspired from Mashable)
  • Small thumbnails with grabs the image automatically and crops it
  • Cool page navigation to give Mashable feel to the navigation
  • Related post box at the end of every post.
  • Trending News option at the header.
  • Mashable like Sharing widget at the sidebar.
  • Read More hack included.
  • Floating Social Media Sharing widget.
  • SEO ready Blogger template
  • Ads ready at the Sidebar and at Header.


Labnol Like Blogger Template Clone
Labnol is yet another top blog with How-to tips, tricks, blogging resources and many other things. Previously this blog was on blogger platform using the template we are going to provide in this post. You can download Labnol like Blogger Template for free.
Template Author:Labnol
Template CloneInspiring Blogger



Mashable Blogger Template 2014

Mashable, the top tech blog of the world changes its themes frequently. Now here it is a new clone of mashable. Mashable Magazine Style Clone Blogger Template 2014 Free Download from here.
Template Author:Mashable
Template CloneMaking Different


  • Fast Loading
  • Full Width Template
  • Easy to Serve
  • Adsense Optimized
  • Mega Dropdown Menu
  • Small Navigation Menu
  • Auto read more widget
  • Simple White Background
  • Social Sharing Buttons beside post
  • Colourful menus
  • Two Navigation Menus
  • SEO Optimized
  • Simple Comment Box
  • Showing Comments on Home Page


Supreme V2
This is the second version of the Supreme this loads faster. It has awesome design 2 column and 3 footer widgets available. Adsense, SEO optimized blogger template with awesome popular post widget.
Supreme V2 SEO optimized and fast loading template for blogger

Features :

SEO Optimized
AdSense Optimized
Fast Loading
Stylish post summaries and thumbnails
Stylish Related Posts widget
Stylish Popular posts widget
Numbered Page navigation

8 is the most popular technology based site. Labnol provides software tips, blogging tips, and many more things. There Are Many Advantages Of Having Labnol Like Blogger Template.

1. SEO Friendly
2. Fast loading blogger template
3. Responsive design
4. Inbuilt Widgets
a) Search box
b) Auto jump break or Read more button.

Here is the clone template of

clone template of well SEO blogger template


Resizable is the sleet and dark resizable responsive blogger template. Which is designed by It has lots of features like 3 columns, social media icons for better connectivity with readers, SEO optimized, adsense optimized with fast loading blogger template.
Resizable SEO blogger templates


Elice a free responsive blogger template with premium features. It’s features include beautiful opt-in form on the homepage and sidebar, clean and elegant look, SEO optimized, fast loading, threaded comment. This template is best for the blog in the blogging niche.

Nice and Clean Design
Responsive Theme Layout
Elegant look
SEO Optimized
Fast loading Theme
Opt-in form on home page
Responsive Navigation Menu
Custom About me widget
Page navigation Widget
Stunning Threaded Comments Section
Customized heading tags (h1 to h6)
Opt-in subscribe form in Sidebar
Custom Forms
Elice-Faster loading blogger template


Gordon (Classic Style Template)
Gordan is the clean template with less complexity. It you like simple templates with the elegant look then it is best suited for you. It has beautiful social buttons with the search bar. It has two column layout, auto read more and beautiful post teasers.

Gordon classical blogger template with fast loading speed
Special Features

1. Fast loading template
2. Well SEO optimized blogger template
3. Social sharing buttons
4. Search box
5. Popular and Recent posts widget

Template source: clonebtemplates

Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to Merge Two or More Blogspot Blog of different Gmail account.

Blogspot over the years seems to be the most easily created and managed website/bloging platform. Website/Blogging platforms also includes the popular Wordpress, Simplesite and also some other ones like, Jumla and so on.
But as of now the most common website creating platforms are Wordpress (with over 6 billion users), Blogger (with over 4 billion users) and Jumla (with over 2 billion users). And among all this platforms,  Blogspot blog are said to be the easiest to create and managed Bloging platform.
So, blogger users seems to be creating website under blogger rapidly even without caution. lol..seriously. But today, I'm not here to talk about that.
However Blogger has added for us this method, which is through the Export and import click, But haven't read several articles online about how to merge blogs, I realize that people only believe this method will work only if the blogs are own by the same Gmail Account.

But today I'm here to teach How to Merge Two or More Blogspot Blog of different Gmail account User, so far you have the access to the Gmail Accounts.

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what do we mean by merging blogs?

Merging blogs simply means combining two or more blogs of lesser content to form a huge and higher content one.
Why do we need to Merge blogs?

We merge blogs for the following reasons:
i. If we want to combine niches of different blogs inorder to concentrate on just one blog for a better efficiency. For example, If we have a blog whose niche (what a blog is based on) is health tips and other one whose niche is entertainment, We may merge the two together so we can focus or attentions on one and run the two niche efficiently, meanwhile it will also improve our SEO.
ii. If we want to just eliminate a Blog in order to use the blog name or url on a different blog with a different niche.

So, after seeing what merging is and why we merge blogs, Let's roll up to the tutorial.....Yeah!
Follow the below steps to Merge Two or More Blogspot Blog of different Gmail account.

Note: I will advise you use two internet browser for conveniency.

Step 1: Login the two Gmail Accounts involved in this process.
Step 2: Once, you're logged in to the two gmail account, Go to your blogger and selected the affected blogs (the blog you want to merge).
Step 3: Note: one blog will remain between the two i.e you're gonna merge one blog (that you will finally delete) to another (the one that will remain). Once you've selected the two blogs
Step 4:   On the Blog you want to merge with the other,  Go to Settings - Basics and under the basic settings simply scroll down to see Blog Authors under Permissions 

Step 5:   Under the Blog Authors simply click Add Authors then insert the Other Blog Gmail account in the input box and click Invite" 
see image below for better understanding:

Step 6:   Once you've done that, Log on the other Gmail Account that you've invited earlier and on the inbox you'll see the invitation that you've just send, Open it and accept the Invitation
Step 7:  After you've accepted the invitation , Go to (under the Gmail in which you've accepted the invitation just now!) once, you're on blogger, the blog in which you've invited yourself  for should now appear among the list of your blogs.
Step 8:  Once it appeared, go back to the other Blogger account (where you invite) and refresh, once you've refresh you'll see the Author you've recently invited appearing on the Author list, click the Author gmail account and choose Make Admin".
Step 9: Once you choose make admin, log on back to the blogger account that you just made admin, and refresh the page, click on the new blog name,
  Now you have the admin authority on the blog, you can make settings, apply for adsense and more.

Note: You can delete the blog from the Gmail account in which you don't want it, because it's now duplicated!

Now follow the below steps to Merge your blogs (since it now appears on one  Gmail Account)

Export the Blogs You Wish to Delete, Note: It's different from the one that's duplicated earlier (it the other blogs that you wish to merge, but all in the same Gmail account.)

1. Login to your blogger dash board.

2. Click on Setting from the drop down button next to the blog.

Blogger settings

3. Select Others from the bottom left side bar.

Select others from blogger settings

4. Click on Export from the top of the page and save the xml file to a folder you’ll remember on your computer

Make sure you follow same process for all the blogs you wish to merge into another your main blogger blog.

Importing the XMLs Into Your Main Blogger Blog

5. Still in blogger dashboard, locate your main blogger blog and select Settings from the drop down menu next to the blog (same as step 2).

6. Click on Settings > Others > Import.

7. A dialogue box would pop-up, select your xml file by clicking on Browse and selecting the xml files from the folder you saved them.

8. Type in the Captcha and click on OK (or Import) as the case may be.

Once you've done all this, Now your blogs should be merged by now, if you have any queries simply let me know through the comment box!

comment! share!! Enjoy!!!

How to Manipulate Whatsapp and Avoid Update For Android and Bluestack Users.

Whatsapp these days, seems to be upgrading versions so rapidly to the extent that it even frustrate whatsapp users, Meanwhile Update in any social media or Utility Applications is the best as it brings users to the latest in the respective Application.

Whatsapp on its own takes users to the latest in the Application like video calls, voice calls and the likes. But if the Update seems to be too frequent, one will be frustrated and fed up as this may lead to losing your chats with friends and loved ones.

so here comes the solution, How to Manipulate Whatsapp and Avoid Update For Android and Bluestack Users.  Just follow the below steps and you're surely gonna get over whatsapp updates:

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Step 1:   Open your whatsapp, once it display that your whatsapp is outdated, simply close it, then Navigate through your -- Phone/Bluestack Settings -- Date and Time
see image below for better understanding:

Step 2: I believe you're now on the interface where you can set your Date and Time, if yes,
Simply Backdate your date to like 3 months ago (if you're in July, set it to like April or May).
See below image for better understanding:

Step 3: Re-open Whatsapp and start chatting with your friends and loved ones!

Note: This Trick is tested and working 100% on Bluestack.

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