Thursday, 9 June 2016

How You Can Receive 11.5GB For N1,000 on MTN Start Pack

This article is not a tweak but it's a simple application of common sense. Let's just proceed and go straight to the point and make it simpler and understandable as possible.

But this, is not as thought because you might get 10GB or 11.5GB in return depending on what satisfies. But I think you will love the 11.5GB. It is not something strange to us but it's what you've known already. But it's just that some complicated and minor changes were added to it.

What Do I Need For This Package?
=> You need a new Sim,
=>Get it registered and activated.

Steps involved For 11.5GB For Just N1,000
1. No need for migration to any package, just leave it to the package it came with
2. Make sure you recharge up to N100 and you will be given N500 to call and browse.
3. Make sure you don't use it for calling, Just use it for browsing only.
4. The N500 bonus will fetch you 1GB data
5. Also the N1000 recharge will give you 10GB data
6. You can now use your untouched N1,000 in your normal account to subscribe for 1.5GB data plan afte r exhausting your 10GB making it 11.5GB.
7. To check your data balance, kindly dial *556# or *559#.

Like i said earlier on it's just with the use of common sense. Happy browsing & calling.

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How You Can Receive 11.5GB For N1,000 on MTN Start Pack
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