Thursday, 21 July 2016

How To Create Your Own Whatsapp Group Direct Invitation Link

This is another amazing whatsapp trick, which you can make use of in order to create your group invitation link, just like that of facebook whereby you can invite someone to your page or group directly, it helps to make massive add of members to your whatsapp group.

Many group owners would love to hear this, because they'll like to add huge members to their group. You won't be able to know who joined you group because, many persons might join your group without you knowing.

Those persons who you shared your link to, will not be seen on your Contact list rather, anyone who wants to join can join the group by clicking the invitation link which he/she sees.

How Can I Create a Whatsapp Group Invitation Link


=> Download Wa Prime.apk or make use ofdirect download link

=> After you might have downloaded it, get it installed on your device, then uninstall your whatsapp from your device

=> Now launch the Wa Prime which you have downloaded, then open your whatsapp account. Now select the group you which you would like to generate the direct link. By so doing, you must make sure you are one of the admin on the group.

=> Once it has opened, click on the group you want to create the invitation link for.

=> Click on Group Info, then select Add Member Options

=> You will see invite to Group via link, then click on it

=> Once you have clicked on it, the direct link will be shown to you

The whatsapp group Invitation link looks exactly like this –

By so doing, your whatsapp group direct invitation link have been created successfully. You should make use of this code only wen you want to add members to your group.

Enjoying adding!

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How To Create Your Own Whatsapp Group Direct Invitation Link
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