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The Truth: The only way a Youth can become a Nigerian Leader/President.

Hi people, it’s a new day, and a new day of an important article. I was just sitting in my room being on my laptop (online) as always. Then the inspiration of writing this article drops to my mind. You know why? It’s because we (youths) always glamour that we wants to become a leader or let’s say a President of our dearest country, Nigeria. Following the history of this country, since independence in 1960, All Nigerian President had always been elderly/old folks. And their tables had been having no or less fulfillment of Nigerians expectations. So saying we want a youth to become the president of this country means that we want The real change”. 
“The purpose of this article is for you to know the ways and to prepare yourself to become the next Nigerian Leader/President,” funny? It’s Possible Mehn!
Who is a youth?

 This is a question worth asking, because if you’re in a gathering, and people called that youth should come out almost everyone will come out. Meanwhile that will surely inder the purpose of the calling, but we always turns it into a laughing matter.
Now, according to western education, youth starts from the age of 18 – 30 and some instances it’s from 22-35 now, either way, in this article we’ll be using the age of 18 – 35. It’s great, isn’t it?
Now, are you between this age bracket or you have someone that belongs to this age group? Then follow me…
Mindset requirement to become Nigerian Leader/President
            Firstly, what gives you a mindset? It’s in your spiritual life. What I mean is Let God be the first in your dictionary and timetable. Commit anything you want to do unto the Lord, and he’ll surely take perfect control, let HIM!!
To become a Nigerian Leader or President, you must have the right mindset, what’s mindset? Mindset is your inner ego you carry along with you to do something.
            So, to become a Nigerian president of your dream you need to have a mindset that offers a change, no matter the conditions or people around or working with you, a mindset of possibility, a governor said something that an express road that leads to his state can’t be constructed by any state government on the planet, that It can only be constructed by the federal government simply because of its worse shape. Then after his tenure, a new party came on board and constructed the road without consulting the federal govt, awesome? Yeah. It happens just because the second governor believes it’s possible!.  “ There should be no Impossibility in your dictionary ” Smile...
Constitutional requirement to become Nigerian President
1.    At least you must be 18years old,  a Secondary School graduate, having your O’level result.
According to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as Amended, for someone to be a Nigerian President: He/she must be a Nigerian by birth and must have a minimum of O’level results which means he/she has finished the Secondary school or its equivalent.
You want No. 2? Fortunately this is the one and only constitutional requirement to become Nigerian President. Funny? Yeah!
Now, aside constitution what can really make you a Nigerian President? (My thoughts with proves)
Here are the only two ways to become Nigerian President:
 Gentle guys and good girls, are you there? Politics is not only for thugs and toughts it’s also for someone that really wants to become a Nigeria Leader. Been in politics means you join one party of your choice (advisably the one in government) go to their party meetings, spend your money, time and knowledge, and also remember that you, wants to be a leader not some random thugs for one big man. This means you’ll be a frontier in any forms of gathering that the party may have.
I heard a story from one pastor, the Daddy in the Lord told me that there was a politicians beside his church, he said that whenever this Politicians distributes generators to other churches, he always left his own church untouched, you know why? Because the Pastor never allows one of the church members to join politics saying it’s a dark and dirty game. And that’s why the church never chop the National cake, lol.
And the Bible says: “ye are the light of the world” so, if the light doesn’t go to the dark is it meaningful? Nope!
Now, the following Nigeria leaders are those that became Nigeria’s leader by starting off with the local Political Parties of their choices:
1.    Sen. Isiaka Adeleke
Senator in the Nigeria House of Representatives    (Two tenures)
First Civilian Governor of Osun state.
2.    Sen. Bukola Saraki
Governor of Kwara state.                                  (Two tenures)
The Speaker Nigeria House of Rep. 2016- 2019
3.    His Excellency, Rauf Aregbesola
Commissioner for works (Lagos State).
Governor of Osun state.                                     (Two tenures)
4.    Sen. Ibikunle Amosun
Senator in the Nigeria House of Representatives
Governor, Ogun state                                        (Two tenures)
And so on……
The above Nigerian leaders (and more) enters the league of leadership by starting off by joining political parties of their choices in their locality.
Another way for a youth to become a Nigerian Leader  is by joining the Nigerian Army. You hate to be a Solider? That’s not good enough. In the current Nigerian political settings I discovered that those that top the charts are soldiers that has carry riffles. It all started with Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo after the death of Abasha, Obasanjo was once a Military president and later handed the government over to the Civilians. This since then had been given soldiers a heads up in the Nigeria’s political settings. So, being a solidier is not only to carry rifle and kill alots of people, it’s also a faster step for you to become the Next Nigerian President of our dreams. Nigerian Army needs youth that are ever ready to truly server this country.
Now, the following Nigeria leaders are those that became Nigeria’s leader by starting off their career in the Nigerian Army.
The below listed leaders once carry riffles and later became Nigeria’s Leader:
1.    Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo
Governor, Ogun state                                 
Nigeria’s President                                                              (Two tenures)
2.    Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola
Commissioner for works, Lagos state 
Governor, Lagos state                                                        (Two tenures)
Governor, Osun state
3.    His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR)
Governor, Taraba State
Nigeria’s President  (2016)
And so on…….
Conclusion: Hope you’ve gain one or two things on the ways you (youth) can become a Nigerian Leader/President, if yes, Drop you comment! Don’t forget to share with your friends on the below social media with just one click! See yah…..

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The Truth: The only way a Youth can become a Nigerian Leader/President.
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