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How to Change Gmail Password - 2016 (with pictures)

Gmail otherwise called Google Account is getting upgrades year in year out, hence changes the App interface and all settings and controls were somehow hidden.
Someone might say, why wouldn't i know how to change a Gmail Account password, but believe me, a lot of people do not, even you!
okay, you disagree with me? then Try it out. lol
Honestly i personally searched google itself for this, but without any good result, so i decided to try it myself,  because in the years back changing Gmail passwords option were rightly placed at the bottom of the login page of every account, but not any more!.. check image below for confirmation:

SO, you accepted it's changed? Lol...
without wasting much time, let me work you through how to Change Gmail password in 2016:

Step 1: 
Once you're logged in with your old password, simply click on your google profile picture uploaded by you or the default, (which is placed by google using your code name), it pop up options,

Step 2
 In the poped up options, click My account , this'll take you to all Google products available, it also shows the control/admin panel of your account.

Step 3:
 under the control/admin panel, choose/click Signing in to google from the first option which is the sign-in & security, check the image below:

Step 4:
Once you clicked it, It'll take you to another step, "Password & sign-in method" under it choose the "Password"
see image below:

Step 5:
once you click password, it will prompt you to enter your old password again, after that it'll request your new password which you're gonna input twice for confirmation,

After all this, you're done! check your inbox for Gmail Mail notifying you of the password change!

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A chat with Indian Hacker, Mohammed Israil (A New Member of Google's hall of Fame) A 17yrs old boy that impress Google.

Chats Info:

Geek's Name:                               Mohammed Israil
Geek's Cyber Name:                    Inj3ctor I5r4iL
Cyber Designation:                     Hacking
Anchor:                                       Seymour.

    Hi bro!
    Nice having you here.
    How is everything?

                    Fine, thanks
         Ok, Let's get started this way!
          We met some days ago, and i know you as an Hacker, right?
                    Yea, but I'm still learning more about it.
    Oh yea! we'all learn till we die, right? so, let's start here... who is an hacker?
                    In my opinion, Someone who is "a clever programmer" is called to be an hacker and by others, especially those in popular media, it means "someone who tries to break into computer systems."

    Oh great! and your response is clever! lol.
    So, to be an hacker someone needs to no coding or programming rather, hun?
                        Programming knowledge is necessary, although not mandatory to become an hacker. Some of the world's best hackers started out as programmers. If you know programming, you will be able to dissect code and analyze it. You will be able to write your own scripts or your own hacking tools.

        Okay! so what programming language would you advise?
                        HTML and JavaScript are languages of the internet. So make sure you learn them first. they are also incredibly easy to grasp and learn.  If your are enrolled in an undergraduate computer science degree, you will most probably be learning C, C++ and Java. These three major languages are good and you should keep learning them, but for a hacker, Python is the best language.

             Wow! great.
        Okay, let's meet our today's Geek!
        Geek, Let's meet you...

                        Hello everyone.......I am Mohammed Israil also popular know as "Inj3ctor I5r4iL" in the cyber world!. Based in India.

        Welcome Israil, you know what, in all this your name i can only pronounce israil, your cybername? I can't.
Please can you pronounce it in real English? lol

                        Offcourse!  It's Injector Israil.........for security issue it's like this so it can be Anonymous. Inj3ct0r =Injector
        okay, i get it! Inj3ctor I5r4iL
        So, how was your grow up as a child?
                        I am a simple guy since my childhood from a middle class family. I had done my schooling from various schools, including private school and from Odia, (India) medium. After schooling and completed my 12th from a Govt. College. I joined GEC in Computer Science Engineering and now trying hard to do resr......

        what's GEC?

                        Its my college name....
                        GEC=Gandhi Engineering College. It's a college under University


        Ok, great, i think i'll move to India very soon, lol

                        Come on to India, We're also searching for new enterpreneur like you.

        Okay brah!.
        So, do you have brothers? especially is there anyone  that is interested in Hacking or doing any online works?

                        I'm the single son of my parents. ..........

        Wow! The only one? That's awesome..
        If you don't mind me asking, did one of your parent has any internet/cyber knowledge?

                        Nope brah!


        So, been an hacker, what really was hacking to you?
        What's the first word that comes to your mind, when you hear Hacking?

                        Hacking is fun,when you are a hacker hacking to you will just be like "Patriotism gave me the ethical fiber!". woh!!
Whenever i hear that word "Hacking" i think of "Vulnerabilities".

        Okay, Great!
        So, at what age did you started hacking?

                        As real,  I am 16 years old now but in my certificate my age is 17.......so as real at the age of 14 i start hacking and that was 2014.

        wow! that's...very cool!
        hmm, I'm not used to hacking but i know  there are several types of hacking, i heard some guys always saying ethical hacking or something. So what are the types of hacking and which one are you into?

                        Hacking is the deed what hackers do. And there are various types of hackers mainly their category divided into 7 parts i.e: white hat, black, blue, red, green, script kiddie
And honestly in my early days i am a black hat but as time passes i step towards  the white hat.

        Okay, but I still don't get it, where among this hats did ethical and web hacking belong?
        0r what category of hacks does those niggas that hack computers and break into systems belongs?
        And those that hack websites too, and moreso do you do website hacking?
                        They belongs to Black hat/Grey hat and Blue hat, respectively. Black hat did this for money, Grey for fun and blue for revenge.
Yea, I do website Hacking, But my intention was not bad.

        Okay bro.
        So, can you share with us some of the website you've attacked and hacked so far?

                        I never deface any website like other black hat hacker........but i like to find the loop holes/vulnerabilities/ bugs/weak security and report them to their respective Admins.

        So, you mean you always report vulnerabilities to admins, instead of hacking it?
                        Yeah,  to Admins or to the authorities

        Wow! that's kind of you.
        Okay, but still can you mention some websites you done that for so far? just give us their names and urls.


Some of The Website Attacked and reported By "Inj3ctor I5r4iL"

        Wow!!! this is huge list. great work Man!.

                        Lol, This is a little part from the list.

        Little part, you kidding me?  you're really a genius. I think I'm gonna learn hacking. lol.

                        Lol! Blogging is also fun.


        Okay, this is the moment my readers have been waiting for.
        When we met recently you told me a secret you would want to explore to the whole world. It's about you making it up to the  GOOGLE'S HALL OF FAME.
Let's start here:
what is GOOGLE'S HALL OF FAME all about?
                        ISRAIL:  It's an honor to all those people who found vulnerability and bugs on Google or one of their products like Gmail and reported them to the Team, instead of attacking it.

        An honor? cool. is there any reward for those kind of people?
        I mean financially?

                        ISRAIL:   Yeah, there is also reward  but if you report the most major vulnerabilities and mainly if you reported it right away without wasting time.

        Okay. That's good kudos to Google for that.
        I know there are old and young folks in there, but all guys on that list are pro in bug hunting. So, How do you make it up there, and aside that are you a bug hunter?
Moreover, is it all hackers that can hunt bugs?
                        Frankly speaking it was luck. I was searching for bugs in Google, I got some bugs which some other researcher had already submitted as these are common for a bug hunter. So one day while surfing over internet came to know about Google's Bug Hunting program . By searching more, I was able to find out a security bug on one of Google's product Gmail, then during this finding, I found a bug in Google's Gmail which was very critical. I reported all this to Google security team.
However, I am not a bug hunter, I do it in free time. Basically I love to research over web app security and I found that bug bounty is good way to sharpen your skills.

        Great great great!
        So, all hackers can hunt bugs?


                        Yeah, Some of them change their passion to income source by doing bug hunting.

        Oh yeah
        So, been in the Google's hall of fame, how do you feel?
                        I dont feel as others feel who are also in this stage as because i have to learn more about all this and complete more achievements.
I just see it as "one achievement completed"

        Hunn, that's great dude!
        So, you're now in the GOOGLE'S HALL OF FAME, what's your next focus on your hacking career, do you wish to continue as a bug hunter or remain as an hacker?
Because i really think this is one big achievement in your cyber career.... or have you had any thing as encouraging as been in Google's hall of fame?
                        I am Following my passion and trying to make that profession. Now planning to hunt bugs on Govt website  to protect it from criminal hackers.

        Wow!! you know what? you're really blowing my mind with the way you respond to questions. It's so professional and legal. keep it up dude!
ehm...So, when we were talking you told me, you would wish to join us on this website, how would you cope been a blogger?
I mean what really inspired you?  because seriously I'm happy to have people working with us here.
                        It's because i want  people to be aware of how to be safe  in this cyber world, because it's 21st century where technology is more efficient than human work and i think this is the only way thorough which i can.

        Great! so we should be expecting cyber security related tutorials from you, right?
                        Yeah, it's gonna be mix packs.
        Ok brah!
        I have some questions i always have Geeks like you
        And one of them is this: what's your own definition of success?
       Success has many aspects from one's point of view & its differs ."To set a goal in your life & then achieve it" is known as success, to have a dream come true is a success . Tow ork hard , day & night for getting a higher position is a success.
Nobody helps you, Just work hard untill you're satisfied and also believe in whatever you do.

        Oh! that's really "a word on Marble" great!
        So, what was you aim when you started hacking, as in what keeps you going as an hacker?... what made you happy been an hacker?

                        I'm happy, when i help someone even without their knowledge. it made me so glad!
        Wow! helping someone even without their knowledge made you happy? that's....that's kinda cool!
So, let's round off bro!
Who's your mentor in the hacking industry?
And what do you think would be your parents reactions to your cyber career?
                        My Mentor is Hamza Bendelladj
                        And as for my parents, I believe they support me whenever they are aware of my cyber career.


    Ok, that's fine
    hmm, who is Hamza Bendelladj? is he an Indian?
                        Hamza Bendelladj....is an Algerian hacker who made 400million by hacking into banks and donate everything to African poors

        Wow!  I never heard of him, Wow!! that's impressive

                         It's pity..He's in Jail now

        Oh! That's shocking and pathetic.
         So, aside him, who would you call your boss in hacking?

                        Gary macknen (American)
       Let's round off bro, what's your advice for hackers out there? and also for enthusiast.

                        For hackers, Be Ethical. because it's we who can make our country a better and secure cyber space. Learn as much as possible from your peers and seniors.

        Okay, that's a good advice, as they say "Learning Never Ends"
        So, Inj3ctor I5r4iL, Please appreciate the readers of the TutorGeek (entprof.com) for taking their time to read this.

                          Offcourse! It's an honor been with you Seymour,  and the readers of this blog, God bless you all,  and I'll meet you at the Top!. Do not Forget, We're the ones to make our country a secure Cyber space.

...........Appreciation from TheTutorGeek...........
Hey guys! It's an honour having you here, reading today's geek's chat. God Bless you real Good. Do not forget to make it a date with us as we're gonna be bringing to your fews more Geeks in the Future. To be interviewed as Geek here, Simply connect with us through the Contact us page, and We'll respond to you instantly, Thanks.

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Ethical Hacking: A Cleansing for Israil, The New face of TutorGeek!

Who is an Ethical Hacker?
An ethical hacker is a computer and networking expert who systematically attempts to penetrate a computer system or network on behalf of its owners for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.


Ethical hackers use the same methods and techniques to test and bypass a system's defenses as their less-principled counterparts, but rather than taking advantage of any vulnerabilities found, they document them and provide actionable advice on how to fix them so the organization can improve its overall security.
The purpose of ethical hacking is to evaluate the security of a network or system's infrastructure. It entails finding and attempting to exploit any vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activities are possible. Vulnerabilities tend to be found in poor or improper system configuration, known and unknown hardware or software flaws, and operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures. One of the first examples of ethical hacking occurred in the 1970s, when the United States government used groups of experts called "red teams" to hack its own computer systems. It has become a sizable sub-industry within the information security market and has expanded to also cover the physical and human elements of an organization's defenses. A successful test doesn't necessarily mean a network or system is 100% secure, but it should be able to withstand automated attacks and unskilled hackers.
Any organization that has a network connected to the Internet or provides an online service should consider subjecting it to a penetration test. Various standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard require companies to conduct penetration testing from both an internal and external perspective on an annual basis and after any significant change in the infrastructure or applications. Many large companies, such as IBM, maintain employee teams of ethical hackers, while there are plenty of firms that offer ethical hacking as a service. Trustwave Holdings, Inc., has an Ethical Hacking Lab for attempting to exploit vulnerabilities that may be present in ATMs, point-of-sale devices and surveillance systems. There are various organizations that provide standards and certifications for consultants that conduct penetration testing including:

Ethical hacking is a proactive form of information security and is also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing and red teaming. An ethical hacker is sometimes called a legal or white hat hacker and its counterpart a black hat, a term that comes from old Western movies, where the "good guy" wore a white hat and the "bad guy" wore a black hat. The term "ethical hacker" is frowned upon by some security professionals who see it has a contradiction in terms and prefer the name "penetration tester."
Before commissioning an organization or individual, it is considered a best practice to read their service-level and code of conduct agreements covering how testing will be carried out, and how the results will be handled, as they are likely to contain sensitive information about how the system tested. There have been instances of "ethical hackers" reporting vulnerabilities they have found while testing systems without the owner's express permission. Even the LulzSec black hat hacker group has claimed its motivations include drawing attention to computer security flaws and holes. This type of hacking is a criminal offence in most countries, even if the purported intentions were to improve system security. For hacking to be deemed ethical, the hacker must have the express permission from the owner to probe their network and attempt to identify potential security risks.

Important Notice: This post was posted by an hacker novice. Lol
The Good News: Very soon Israil (A certified hacker) will be posting both ethical and all other aspects of hacking on this blog. let's look forward to him...

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Top 10 Online Jobs you can do in 2016 and Make Money Online!

In this 21st century, making money is quietly hard and not as easy as some people would think. This challenges is as a result of bad economy or bad leadership system of a particular country which gives less or no emplployment for graduates even in the popular industries like Agriculture, Banking, Oil and gas etc.

So this gives room for people to be looking for another ways of making money apart from searching for white colar jobs.  And the best and only alternative to white colars job is MAKING MONEY ONLINE because it involves less or no capital to start. It only involves gathering knowledge and having passion for whatsoever path you wish to take in making money online.
Over the years bloggers and site owners have tried their best in letting people know the latest ways of making money online, but somepeople believe it's all scam and some people tried but didn't really work as they would love.
One bitter truth is this: Making money online is not magical it's a result of your input (passion and Knowledge) and it takes time. But the good news is that making money online systems over the years have never changed it only got upgrades and new helpful feautures , except the Online and Forex trades systems that always got new methods and new People coming in.
 As for me, Making money online is the smartest job on this earth and not just a money, even it’ll give you fame and popularity too. Today, more than 50% peoples in this world not using the internet and those will surprise to know that folks in the world are making millions from the internet. There are different ways to earn money online, some needs investment and some can’t, but overall you need to invest your talent, skills and honesty to actually make money online.

Thanks to the companies like Google, Internet Firms, and E-commerce sites which make it possible to use the internet as a full-time job.  Below is a Table showing the Average income and Investment (in dollar) of several ways of Making money online.

Online Job Name         Average Income         Investment (Min.)
 Blogging                      $100 – $1K/month          $0 – $100
 Youtube/Vblogging     $100 – $1K/month          $0
 Affiliate Marketing      $100 – $2K/month          $0 – $100
 Sell Photography          $100 – $500/month        $0
 Paid Writing                  $100 – $500/month       $0
 Online Survey                $100 – $200/month        $0
 Sell Notes                       $100 – $150/month          $0
 E-commerce seller         $1K – $10K/month           $1K – $5K
 Online Paid Task            $100 – $150/month          $0
 Develop An App              $1K – $10K/month          $100

My Advice:     Do not choose any method of making money online listed above just because of its average income but choose it because you have passion for it, so if it's somehow late to fetch you cash the Passion will keep you going!.
Below are the Top Methods of making money Online:

1.    Blogging

This is the most popular way today to make money online and investment of money is almost nothing.  In Blogging, you need to invest your writing skill and interesting mind so that new and old readers be active on your blog . But some people have problems with Blogging, ... For example, I have a friend a long time ago he creates webiste everyweek not based on a niche (what your website all about) and never create any post on the blog/website. Meanwhile creating a blog without posting is just worse than doing nothing.  So if you wish to start blogging, I'll advise you to read my last ebook on blogging in the below link.
And one important thing that kills bloggers of today is that they didn't know the most important thing they should take serious on their blog, frankly it almost kill me also, then i realise i should share it, And that thing is this: When you're too concerned about your blog design and not post, then you're missing it!. Post well, share well, then comes your blog design.
The profit of a blog is built using ads and almost 95% blogs on the web are using Google Adsense and other ads company like, infolinks  to earn revenue. Quality & unique contents goes rank higher on Google search. You can start a blog using a platform like Blogger(www.blogger.com) and WordPress (www.wordpress.com) and start publishing contents on a topic you’re interested in,  like Technology, Health, Beauty and so on. Once your blog getting traffic from Google search and other sources, you can now put Adsense ads on your blog and earn money like a business. This is the genuine way to earn money online and Blogging helps your career and knowledge grows up. The minimum payout of Google Adsense is $100.
However there are others ways to make money on your blog, it's not only through google adsense alone, you can also receive advertisement from your local company based on your niche, for example if your blog is a Gadget based, Local company selling electronics gadget in your locality can give you ads. And you'll just advertise for them through simple banners on your blog sidebars and receive your cash!
Click here to see more about Starting/Making Money from  a Blog.

2.    Start a Youtube Channel.

starting a Youtube channel is just like blogging, it involves telling others what you know through videos, it always include Computer Tutorials, Tech Updates etc.
A person who operates a youtube channel is called a Youtuber, just like a person who blogs is called a blogger. Youtubers are ranked based on views and subsribers they got.
YouTube is also known as a social networking website but the user who generate content on YouTube is not just a user, they are video creators. As a video creator, you can upload your own recorded videos (any topic) and use Google Adsense to earn money from your YouTube videos. Some highest-paid Youtubers like PewDiePie, Smosh, and TheFineBros earn millions from their channel. A Vlog (Video Blog) is a popular category on YouTube and channels like RomanAtwoodVlogs, Zoella, CaseyNeistat and IISuperwomanII are the great examples of Vlogging. Once you start uploading your own vlog videos on YouTube, it will soon get viewers and you will be paid for views through Adsense.
Start your Youtube channel today by log on to www.youtube.com and signing up with your Gmail. I wish you Luck!

3.    Online Affliate Marketing

This is a way to earn commission by referring business products and services to other peoples. One of the strongest online income sources today is Affiliate marketing and almost all kinds of online companies offer Affiliate earning opportunity to all users. In order to promote other’s products and service, you will need a website or blog so that you can easily put affiliate links on your site and earn commission for every sale goes through the affiliate link. Don’t have a website? Don’t worry, Try e-mailing, sending messages with an affiliate link to our friends and earn per sale done by your friends. Blogs like Smart Passive income earn more than $100k per month through Affiliate marketing. The most popular CPS Affiliate marketing networks are Rakuten, ShareASale, CJ, and ClickBank, whether you can promote any online business products like Amazon Associates, iTunes Affiliate and so on.

The smartest way to get sale through affiliate links is products review on your website or blog and promote the webpage using Google AdWords, Facebook ads and more internet marketing platform.

4.     Sell Photos or Designs Online

Are you a photographer that likes taking shots of nature? a Graphics designer? then here is a chance for you to fetch yourself a cool cash by selling all your photos and designs online. Why are you wasting your photography skill by sharing the professional clicked images on social media for free. As a professional photographer or graphics designer, it’s required to make a portfolio to get more clients and customer response. But, did you ever try selling photography online through world’s popular online stocks like Shutterstock, iStock and Fotolia. These stocks are available all over the world because photography demand is everywhere. Once you upload your images to the stock, it will review by a moderator and soon your images will listed on the stock. The price of your images were finalized by the stock and you will earn up to 20% to 60% of the sale amount, where payments may be initiated monthly.
To start selling your designs and photographs, simply sign up one the above online stocks and start earning. I wish you Luck!

5.    Get Paid for Writing

Writing is one of the general methods to earn money online. You can write on your own blog or other’s website to get paid per article. Sites like Income Dairy, Cracked, and Listverse paid up to $100 per article. In order to get your article submission approve, you should write professionally and there was a requirement of words that you can  write on the website. There are more websites on the web that’ll pay to write on topics depend on the website. The most popular topics that people love to read online are Technology, Health, Entertainment and Business. If you’re a long-form writer and want to earn more, then go start writing an e-book and publish it directly to Amazon Kindle, iBook and Google Play.
To publish your ebooks to the above websites and stores, simply type them to google an log on their website for your registration and more information.
I wish you Luck!

6.    Filling Online Surveys

Online survey jobs are complicated, but as a part-time job, survey filling is good. Survey jobs didn’t need any investment and you can make up to $50 per day. First, you need to understand what really the online survey companies do and how you get the benefit from each survey. The amount per survey filling is based on the survey company, and even there are some sites on web that pay less. The sites that i can recommend  for online survey jobs are InboxDollars, Swagbucks, SurveySavvy, Toluna and MySurvey. You can even search online survey jobs in your country and get paid easily. For each survey you’ll earn reward and you can withdraw your rewards as a Gift card, vouchers and cash.
To register for online survey jobs on the above website simply type their names to google for links and How to get started.
I wish you Luck!

7.    Sell Your Notes

This is another great chance of making money for those that are serious in attending classes in schools, I'm not one of them! because i'm always kinda busy, why? i blog always. lol.
As a student in a college, you always need to attend lectures, create notes and prepare for your exams. But, what about some students who always absent in lectures. It’s true that boys pay less attention in attending lectures (chill boys!) and making notes than girls and it’s an opportunity for girls to sell their notes online and earn some money. A UK based site called Notesale (www.Notesale.co.uk) turns your study into money. Just upload your notes as a PDF, set a price and wait for the money. Buyers can easily search for notes and pay the money for each note. Simply log on to their website to start selling your notes and saving up your cash. lol
I wish you Luck!

8.    Become an E-commerce Seller

When you shop online and buy a product from an e-commerce site like Amazon or Ebay, there is actually you buy the item from a seller. The products available on the site is uploaded and listed by sellers and you can find the name of the seller just around to the product. The e-commerce company take responsibly to maintain products listing and marketing. Becoming an e-commerce seller is easy, but you need to invest money in goods so that you can list your products and sell goods online. The benefit is you don’t need to rent a shop and you can keep products at the useless space in your home. Let’s get started the business online by signing up as a seller on Amazon  (https://services.amazon.com/selling/benefits.htm/),  Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/sell/start) and other online shopping websites.
I wish you Luck!

9.     Get Paid Per Task on Fiverr

An online marketplace called Fiverr make it easy for freelancers to earn money per task performed. For example, a business wants to design a logo and there is no designer available at his company. But, on Fiverr he can easily go to the category Logo design and order a logo design for an amount like $5, $10 or $100. The site was available globally and anyone from corner of the world can sell our skill on Fiverr. Whether you’re a designer, developer, writer, video editor, musician or web analyst, there are all kinds of skills sell on Fiverr.
To earn money on Fiverr simply log on to www.fiverr.com to register and get started.
I wish you Luck!

10.    Write a Smartphone App

The last and simply not the least on this ebook (How to make money online 2016,) is writing or creating a smartphone's App either for Android devices or Ios Devices. The App may be a Mobile website App or all other utility Applications.
Good News:   The Good news about Creating An App for smartphones is that it now involves barely no knowledge of programming or coding whatsoever. because there are integrated websites  like: www.ibuildapp.com, http://builder.snapp.ccthat allows users to create Application for smartphones just by drag and drop!...Meanwhile coding an Application is very good and much more proffessional.

You can write a simple app and submit it to Google play and the iTunes app store. The platform will charge you an amount in order to list your app in the store. You can monetize your app with ads and subscription so that you can earn money by sitting at home. I know it might not easy, but this is a genuine way to earn money from home, where the chances of business is likely more.

Last word:   
As i said before, do not choose any of these means just because of the average income but choose because you have passion for it, that's the only thing that can keeps you going!
Remember, Making money online is not magical it's a result of your input (passion and Knowledge) and it takes time. Do not forget to log on to this blog (www.entprof.com) for the latest version of this ebook and lots more. once again, I wish you Luck!

Summary, Sources.
Featured image material contributed by free image resource.
The Guide was based on genuine ways to Make money online.
Table Data by:  Vintaytime.com

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Biography of Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook Boss

In this success story, we are going to share Mark Zuckerberg biography, the youngest billionaire on the planet who created the Facebook social network that now has 1 billion monthly active users.
Thanks to Facebook people around the world can easily keep in touch with all their friends. Not long ago, society just did not have such opportunity, but now everything has changed. However, Facebook is not limited only to communication and acquaintances. There are numerous interest groups and fan pages that help to rally the people together. This is not counting the fact Facebook is also a huge database of profiles, exceeding the most popular dating sites and chances to find your second half are impressive.

  • Mark Zuckerberg Childhood Biography
  • FaceMash – A Fun Site for Voting
  • The Rising of Facebook
  • Lawsuits against Facebook
  • Bill Gates and Facebook
  • How Facebook Makes Money
  • Acquisition of Instagram, Oculus Rift, and WhatsApp
  • Mark Zuckerberg: TIME's 2010 Person of the Year
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s Lifestyle

Mark Zuckerberg Childhood Biography

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, and grew up in the suburbs of New York, Dobbs Ferry. He was the second of four children and the only son in the educated family. Mark’s father, Edward Zuckerberg, is a dentist and mother, Karen Zuckerberg, is a psychiatrist. His father owned a dental practice next to the family house. Mark and his three sisters, Arielle, Randi, and Donna, were raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Mark Zuckerberg Childhood

Mark got interested in programming yet in elementary school. The fact that the world is divided between programmers and users, Mark found out when he was 10 years old and got his first PC Quantex 486DX on the Intel 486.
From Mark Zuckerberg biography we found out he was taught Atari BASIC Programming by his father, and when Mark was about 12, he used Atari BASIC to create a messenger, which he called “ZuckNet.” It made all the computers connected to each other and allowed to transfer messages between the house and dental office. His father installed the messenger on his computer in his dentist office, and the receptionist could inform him when a new patient arrived. Mark also enjoyed developing games and communication tools and as he said he was doing it just for fun. His father, Edward Zuckerberg, even hired a computer tutor David Newman, who gave his son some private lessons.
Also being at high school, Mark wrote an artificially intelligent media player Synapse for MP3-playlists that carefully studied the preferences of a user and was able to generate playlists ‘guessing,’ which tracks a user wanted to listen to. Microsoft and AOL got an unusual interest in Synapse media player and wanted to acquire it. However, the young talent rejected the offer of the IT-giants and then politely rejected their invitation to cooperate. Just like that, Mark Zuckerberg refused from dozens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and work at one of the top IT-corporations.
Soon Mark Zuckerberg studied at the Academy of Phillips Exeter, an exclusive preparatory school in New Hampshire. He showed good results there in science and literature, receiving a degree in classics. He also showed a great talent in fencing and even became the school captain of the fencing team. Yet Mark Zuckerberg stayed fascinated by coding and wanted to work on the development of new software.
In 2002, after graduating Phillips Exeter, Zuckerberg entered Harvard University. By his second year in the Ivy League, he had gained a reputation as a software developer on campus. It was then when he wrote a program CourseMatch, which helped students choose their subjects on the basis of lists of courses from other users.

Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Mark Zuckerberg graduated Phillips Exeter Academy in 2002.

FaceMash – A Fun Site for Voting

In 2003, once summer evening when Mark Zuckerberg suffered from insomnia in the Harvard dormitory room, he got an idea to create a site called FaceMash. Mark decided to hack the database of Harvard, where the students uploaded their profile pictures. He quickly wrote a program that randomly selected two pictures of two random female students and put them next to each other, asking “Who is hotter?”, giving the option for voting.
The process was in full swing and site was visited by most of the students at Harvard. When the number of visitors exceeded the limit, the server crashed due to overload. Mark appeared before the committee on computer hacking. Of course, nobody told Mark Zuckerberg ‘Well done!’ and he received a disciplinary action, and had noticed that such kind of things cause stormy interest in society. By the way, Harvard has refused to comment on the incident up till now.

The Rising of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Divya Narendra, Co-founded HarvardConnection.
About ten months before the Zuckerberg’s FaceMash epic, one of the students of Harvard – Divya Narendra – had already spoken with the idea of creating a social network exclusively for Harvard students, many of whom were suffering from emotional stiffness. And not have ‘aliens’ engaged into the network, Narendra suggested using Harvard email address as the main username.
Divya Narendra’s partners were twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The father of the Winklevoss twins, Howard Winklevoss, is a successful financial consultant and put in his sons a lot of efforts and money – so the problem with the initial capital for the future network could be solved easily.
In conversation with Mark, Narendra said that the project would be called Harvard Connection (later renamed to ConnectU), and its members would post on the Internet their photos, personal information, and useful links. The tasks of Mark Zuckerberg included programming of the site and creating a special source code, which would allow the system to work as quickly as possible.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Tyler Winklevoss (left), Cameron Winklevoss (right). (© Stephen Lovekin)
After a private meeting with Narendra and the Winklevoss twins, Zuckerberg agreed to join in the work, but the potential of his new partners he estimated skeptically. While working on Harvard Connection, he got a fantastic idea for his own social network.
On February 04, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg registered the domain name TheFacebook.com, now known throughout the world as Facebook.com. However, it functioned only within Harvard.
After Zuckerberg and his partner Eduardo Saverin realized that there were already 4,000 users registered on Facebook, they came to the conclusion that they needed services of new programmers. One of them was a Mark’s neighbor, Darren Moskowitz, who further opened the Facebook service to students at Columbia University, Stanford, and Yale.
Around the same time after the IPO, Zuckerberg owned 503.6 million shares. And now Zuckerberg controls nearly 60% of the company’s votes, 35% – Eduardo Saverin, and 5% went to the newcomer Moskowitz. Another friend of Mark, Chris Hughes, was assigned as the Press Attache of Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
TheFacebook.com in April 2004.
Some time later, the registration was opened to all students. The main condition was the availability of an email address in the .edu zone, which also indicated a person’s belonging to the education sector.
It must be said that at first this tactic worked out nicely. The project attracted audience attention of sufficient quality. When a user was trying to sign up, he had to fill out a detailed profile, and in addition to the email address in the .edu zone, it was requested to add a real profile picture. If people used avatars instead of real pictures their profiles were deleted.
Soon, Facebook went beyond the education sector, becoming more and more popular. Mark Zuckerberg started looking for investors. The first investments Mark received from one of the founders of PayPal, Peter Thiel, who is well known throughout Silicon Valley. Peter Thiel allocated $500,000, and that amount was sufficient for immediate Facebook purposes. The project began to evolve rapidly. In less than a year after it was founded more than 1 million people joined the social network. For further development of Facebook, they needed more investments. Accel Partners invested in Facebook $12.7 million and then Greylock Partners added to this amount $27.5 million.
By 2005, Facebook became accessible for all educational institutions and universities in the USA. Zuckerberg still believed that his project is a social network for students, but the interest of users to Facebook grew exponentially. Then it was decided to make a registration accessible to the public. And after this, a Facebook ‘epidemic’ started.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Facebook logo
The main thing that immediately attracted users in Facebook is that friends who meet in real life now could communicate with each other online. It was something new.
The Facebook audience grew rapidly, but the monetization of the project still remained unclear. Everyone expected that the main instrument should be context advertising. The fact is that every Facebook user fills sufficiently detailed profile, which can be used to show relevant advertisements. Obviously, that would open up enough options to advertisers, who may be of interest to their audience. But Facebook continued to grow its audience. When they got over 50 million users, large companies began to offer Zuckerberg to sell them the project. So, one time even Yahoo! offered $900 million dollars for Facebook. Impressive sum, but it absolutely did not satisfy Mark. Facebook biography and Mark Zuckerberg success story is quite intriguing, isn’t it?

Lawsuits against Facebook

The Facebook project launch was accompanied by series of scandals. Six days later after launching the site, senior students brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea. They claimed that in 2003 hired Zuckerberg to make him complete the establishment of the social network HarvardConnection.com. According to their testimonies, Zuckerberg did not provide them the results of his work but used the original source code to create Facebook.
In the same year, Narendra and the Winklevoss twins launched their own network renamed to ConnectU. And they continued to attack on Mark Zuckerberg, complaining Harvard administration and The Harvard Crimson newspaper. Initially, Zuckerberg urged journalists not to publish the investigation: he showed them what supposedly he did for HarvardConnection, and explained that those developments did not have any relation to Facebook. But very inappropriately, another Harvard student – John Thomson – in personal conversations started saying that Zuckerberg stole one of his ideas for Facebook. The newspaper decided to publish the article, and it offended Mark Zuckerberg very much.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Newspaper clip from The Harvard Crimson article published on May 28, 2004.
Zuckerberg took revenge on The Harvard Crimson. According to Silicon Alley Insider, in 2004, he breaks the mailboxes of two journalists from The Harvard Crimson, using the newly launched Facebook. He found users who were involved in the newspaper and browsed their logs (i.e. history) of incorrectly entered passwords in Facebook. Zuckerberg’s expectations were met: two employees of the newspaper absentmindedly tried to login Facebook with passwords from their mailboxes. Silicon Alley Insider wrote that Zuckerberg got lucky: he had a chance to read the correspondence about him between the editorial office and HarvardConnection.
The Winklevoss twins and Narendra filed a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg, but the court rejected their claim. They were persistent and filed another lawsuit. This time, the court examined the code sources to understand whether they were actually stolen. But the truth was still not clear. The examination results were not announced. In 2009, Zuckerberg agreed to pay $45 million ($20 million in cash, and the remaining amount in Facebook shares) ConnectU as part of the court settlement. The case was closed. By that time ConnectU had less than 100,000 users, Facebook boasted about 150 million users.
The Winklevoss twins yet did not calm down and filed a petition in the U.S. Court of Appeals, but they were denied a retrial. According to their lawyer Jerome Falk, the appellate court refused to take a review of the case based only on the parties’ settlement agreement, which states that members of the trial after the signing of the document does not have the right to resume the trial. In counsel’s view, the decision was illegal, as Mark Zuckerberg in a proceeding in 2008 provided false information about the company’s value.
On May 17, 2011, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss filed another lawsuit against the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to the U.S. Supreme Court. That was the latest attempt by the brothers to make the court reconsider the case.

Bill Gates and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Bill Gates’ Facebook Page.
In 2007, a significant event happened to Facebook. Microsoft acquired 1.6% equity stake in Facebook for an impressive amount of $240 million dollars. On this basis, a number of analysts suggested that the total value of Facebook reached $15 billion. Quite good results for the company, whose income did not exceed $200 million a year. After the deal, Bill Gates created an account on Facebook. He used to spend several hours a day to communicate through Facebook with everyone, but after a time decided to close his account for some time, because there were too many people willing to chat with him. Physically, he was not able to chat with all of them. However, Gates provided a major PR campaign for Facebook worldwide. This is of particular importance for Microsoft, given that it had an exclusive advertising agreement with the social network until 2011.

How Facebook Makes Money

In 2013, the turnover of Facebook, Inc. reached $7.87 billion and net income – $1.5 billion. The growth rates are also impressive: three years turnover has increased six-fold.
The basic earnings of Facebook come from contextual ads on the pages of the social network. Growing number of users and the time they spend on the site is converted into advertising revenues. 85% percent of cash-flow that went through the company last year was earned through contextual advertising.
The most of the rest 15% are deductions from purchases made through the Facebook payment system. These are mostly not real, but virtual goods. For example seeds, fruits and vegetables, purchased by fans of the popular game Farmville developed by Zynga.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
FarmVille – a popular game on Facebook developed by Zynga.
Despite the apparent frivolity, virtual goods is a serious business, and the Facebook report confirms that. The company estimated that in 2010 the global market turnover for virtual goods reached $7 billion, and by 2014, it rose to $15 billion.
At the beginning of January 2013, Facebook Inc. started testing the service of paid private messaging. Facebook charges $1.00 for a private message that you can send to the users who are not in your friend list. And the message goes directly to their Inbox folder, instead of Other one. But Facebook went further and realized that some users are worth more than a $1. If you want to send a message to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and get into his inbox, you might have to pay $100 for this exclusive option. This is another very simple way to generate additional revenue.

Acquisition of Instagram, Oculus Rift, and WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg biography
Co-founders of Instagram Mike Krieger (left) and Kevin Systrom (right).
Mark Zuckerberg is a great strategist, and he keeps acquiring companies that continue their operation as independent entities under Facebook’s umbrella.
In April 2012, acquired mobile photo sharing app Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock. Initially, it was an iOS application developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Now the Instagram application is available on Android OS as well.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Palmer Freeman Luckey, founder of Oculus VR.
In March 2014, Facebook closed the acquisition of Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality hardware engineered by Oculus VR Company headed by Palmer Freeman Luckey. Facebook paid $400 million in cash plus 23.1m Facebook shares, with a further $300 million in incentives if it hits certain milestones in the future.
In October 2014, Mark Zuckerberg completed the purchase of WhatsApp for $22 billion. Facebook paid $4.59 billion in cash and 177,760,669 shares in the company. WhatsApp is an instant messaging application founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
WhatsApp Co-Founders Brian Acton (left) and Jan Koum (right).

Mark Zuckerberg: TIME‘s 2010 Person of the Year

In January 2010, TIME magazine named Facebook founder, CEO and 26-year old billionaire Mark Zuckerberg the Person of the Year 2010.
Lady Gaga, James Cameron and founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, were struggling for this title that year. However, TIME magazine chose his hero. ‘The social network created by Mark connected almost every tenth person on the planet,’ – Richard Stengel, TIME editor-in-chief explained their choice. According to him, ‘Today, Facebook is the third largest country in the world that knows about its citizens as much as no government on planet does.’
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Mark Zuckerberg named TIME‘s person of the year 2010.
According to TIME, in the past year, no one else had such great impact on the world than the current winner. Mark’s popularity is so high that in 2010 David Fincher shot a movie ‘The Social Network’ in which the main role of the Facebook founder was brilliantly played by Jesse Eisenberg. Previously, TIME’s ‘persons of the year’ became the United States presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
In 2010, Forbes magazine admitted Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest billionaire in its list to the state of $4 billion.
In the rating of the 400 richest people in the United States, published by Forbes magazine in 2015, Zuckerberg took 7th place with a net worth of $40.3 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Lifestyle

Currently, Zuckerberg lives in the Palo Alto in a $7 million estate that features 5 bedrooms a saltwater pool, and over 5,000 square feet of property.
Mark Zuckerberg Biography
Mark Zuckerberg’s Wife Priscilla Chan.
On May 19, 2012, Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan in Palo Alto, California and finally they happily live together.
On December 01, 2015, Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan announced the birth of their daughter, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg, and wrote a letter to her with the supportive words and mentoring notes. “Max, we love you and feel a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for you and all children,” Zuckerberg and Chan wrote in the letter to their daughter.
The young couple also pledged to donate 99% of their Facebook shares – worth about $45 billion – through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative within their lifetime to promote human potential, equality, and the world development.
We hope you have enjoyed reading Mark Zuckerberg biography and breathtaking success story of Facebook, and it has inspired you to new discoveries.

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Hacker with a Heart: A chat with Google Hall Of Fame Member, Mohammed Israil From Odisha, India.

Important Notice:  This interview is done by an Indian Local News Website, they are called "The Trending News" and it was originally done physically with Mohammed Israil (our today's Geek). However, this interview was not copy/paste but was shared to me by Israil himself.  I met Israil few days ago and we're fun of each other as we've same vision/passion for learning and sharing it with others.  Meanwhile I'm gonna have a direct chat with him myself and post it here very soon.
The Good News:   Mohammed Israil (An Indian Google hall of fame member) has agreed to be a co-owner of this blog. so, he will be posting hacking/cyber security related topics, and revealing hacking tricks. Nice right? well, let's look forward to him....

Here is his chat with the Indian Local News website, The Trending News:

Hacker with a Heart: A chat with Google Hall Of Fame Member, Mohammed Israil From Odisha, India.

    It's not everyday that you see a young under graduate getting inducted into Google hall of fame. Yes, Mohammed Israil a young boy is indeed someone special. He owns a couple of startups, takes guest lectures on web security and gets inducted into web security hall of fame of top companies every now and then.
    Israil consider himself a geek and doesn't have a liking towards sports and other external activities; though he loves computer games. When I am away from my computer, I visit new places and spend time learning some new web applications ? says the compassionate hacker. We at " The Trending News " had a fireside chat with this Google Hall of fame member. So, read on to know more about Israil and what it takes to be an ethical hacker.


1.     Could you give us a brief description about yourself?
    I am a simple guy from a small remote village Of Jajpur in Odisha, from a middle class family. I had done my schooling from various schools, including private school and from Odia medium. After schooling and completed my 12th from a Govt. College. After College I joined GEC in Computer Science Engineering. It was tough for me to choose any other field as career option as I was only aware about public sector jobs at that time.

2. Congratulations on your induction to Google Hall of Fame. Could you share with us how it happened?

    Thanks a lot, frankly speaking it was luck. I was searching for bugs in Google, I got some bugs which some other researcher had already submitted as these are common for a bug hunter. So one day while surfing over internet came to know about Google's Bug Hunting program . By searching more I was able to find out a security bug on one of Google's product Gmail, then during this finding, I found a bug in Google's Gmail which was very critical. I reported all this to Google security team. I was already in Google security hall of fame in honorable mention, for bugs I have reported earlier. But for above bugs they replied and I got my name listed in Hall Of Fame List.  I am not a bug hunter, I do it in free time. Basically I love to research over web app security and I found that bug bounty is good way to sharpen your skills.

3.     What are your major achievements ?
    I am inducted into web security hall of fame of multiple companies like Google, Uner. I recently received  projects  from Private cells and many other local projects too. Frankly, I don't consider these as my major achievements, because I believe my major ones are yet to come.

4.     How did you come across hacking?
    Well, I like exploring things and I started watching  some online hacking shows. One of them was a tech fest by Computer World. My first one actually, and it changed my whole vision. I attended a workshop on hacking and I was so attracted towards it. Exploring technology was  always  fun for me. So here my journey begins, I started hacking accounts on Facebook. I got connections to many hackers via underground hacking community on Facebook. I made a habit of reading mostly tech blogs and all I was doing was helping Google, who assisted in gaining more knowledge. This was taking a lot of time, so I started bunking classes, and some times even exams. May be it was worth it. I don't suggest others to do it this way but it worked for me.

5.     India as a country producing the highest number of software professionals, how good are we doing in the areas of  information and web security?
     I would like to give an example here. When I was taking a seminar, I was shocked  to know that even university passed out students didn't know anything about ongoing technologies and their university syllabus was completely outdated. This is the case with not just this college but most ones. Indian brains are really sharp but are not being used in the right direction. Universities should update their syllabus regularly otherwise, it will be hard for our students to compete with their foreign counterparts. We lack awareness and encouragement. So, we need to make people aware, update ourself, promote security related fields and most importantly encourage innovation.

6.     What is the significance of cyber security these days. What are opportunities for Top Talent from a career perspective in this field?
    For any company security plays a very important role, it could be for web app users or network users; we should be concerned about security. User count for facebook, twitter and other social networking sites is increasing day by day. All financial transactions are going over the air, so if this increasing functionality makes things easier, then security loopholes are also bound to increase. Due to open source, it is easy for a hacker to exploit any technology. We have lots of opportunities in both web and network fields . We can make our career in web application security, penetration testing , network penetration testing, wifi security audits, exploit development and many more. Being a programmer is good, but being a secure coder is much better.

7.     Most Top Colleges in India and also out of India offer various courses and electives on Cryptography and Information security, what else do you think should be done to improve the status quo?

    Course curriculum as I have seen in some colleges generally are theory based which is of very less use. In real life situations, students fail to code a single good program in a given time. I have observed that being a hacker, people learn to explore technology and learn  a lot more than simple procedure based coding. Students should be given some unique and real life projects rather than old ones with no objective. It is easy to get code online and there ends the motivation for a me too type of project. Indian Universities should also offer some good courses like the MOOCs offered by American Universities.

8.     Your advice to students and aspiring hackers.
    For students, please don't rely on college/school courses, work on current problem and try to do something innovative. Follow your passion and make that your profession. For hackers, Be Ethical, because it's we who can make our country a better and secure cyber space. Learn as much as possible from your peers and seniors, this is what makes a college unique and wonderful.

Thank you

Note:  There were no pictures of Israil in the above interviews we hope to share you his picture on our own interview coming soon.

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